About us

Fromgeek(www.jowqyo.live), China's most influential new media in technology and finance field。

What we do?

www.jowqyo.live focuses on reports and information about the big news, marketplace dynamics, cutting-edge technologies, vendor activities and product launch in the industries of science and technology and financial new media which have great influences in China. The website provides information, business development, analysis, comments, advisory and report etc.

Our Feature and Advantage.

www.jowqyo.live is not limited to text, but includes micro journal, information map, audio and video etc., It meets the need from new generations in pursuit of ultimate reading experience. Above all, we emphasize on professionalism, authenticity and neutrality of the reporting content. We are known for our sharp and depth.

Our Pursuit of News Reading Experience

www.jowqyo.live adopted the Web respond design. The readers can approach the website by PC, intelligent mobile phone, tablet computer and all terminals.

Who are our team leaders?

Li HaigangFromgeek’s Founder and CEO Famous media professional, IT industry analyst. served Huawei technology limited company, entered the media industry through friends recommendation. He emphasizes on the professionalism, authenticity and neutrality of the reporting content. He ever hosted and engaged in several reports draft of internet and financial industry. He owns rich experiences in new media operation and management.

Contact us

[email protected]

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